Anne Epstein



A position as an Application Developer or Software Engineer in an organization looking for someone with programming skills, versatility, creativity, and a passion to continuously seek better ways to do application development.


Operating Systems: Windows, Unix (Linux, Solaris)
Languages: ASP.NET(C#, VB), JavaScript, Java/JSP, PHP, Transact-SQL, SQL, Classic ASP, Perl, ColdFusion
Software: Visual Studio, ReSharper, SVN, JBuilder, IIS, SQL Server, Oracle, WebTrends
Additional Tools: NHibernate, nUnit, MSTest, log4net
Additional Interests: design patterns, database design, understanding of accessibility and usability issues, Agile methodologies


Harland Clarke July 2008 - Present
Developer on a team of 4 performing major rework to an existing legacy application, converting from many customized copies of a codebase to a single multitenancy-style application. Goal of the project to dramatically reduce maintenance effort and increase overall security and stability. Application is a mix of VB.Net and C#, connecting to SQL Server and Oracle databases, as well as integrating with multiple existing systems via webservices. Provided information on decision between Entity Framework and NHibernate choice, and then provided leadership in NHibernate implementation.
Web Application Developer
Matrix Group International July 2005 - July 2008
Sole developer supporting a large legacy (150+ table) application written in ASP.NET with a mix of C# and VB. Worked to pull in the major Open Source ASP.NET ORM, NHibernate, introduced design patterns where useful, introduced version control (SVN) and unit testing to the project, created an exception handling(logging, alerting) framework. When not the sole developer, worked as a team with several other developers. Application is mission critical for one of the key health accreditation agencies in the US. Also, supported ColdFusion and PHP applications when needed.
Web Application Developer/Webmaster
IQ Solutions, Inc. July 2000-May 2005
Designed and implemented dynamic web applications using ASP.NET and standard object-oriented design. Designed and implemented applications using a SQL Server database backend, designed normalized databases, wrote associated stored procedures, and configured database user permissions. Worked on a team in creating Java web applications, which involved writing JSPs and classes. Educated both colleagues and clients on the purpose and implementation of Section 508 of the ADA act, which mandates that government websites must be accessible by those with disabilities. Wrote a web guide explaining Section 508. Served as company webmaster, which involved configuring and maintaining several Windows 2000 servers and maintaining website DNS records. Trained and mentored replacement webmaster. This mentoring involved teaching the replacement a variety of skills covering DNS, coding, and webserver issues. Assisted with coding web sites for foreign language speaking audiences.
Web Application Developer
AnviCom, Inc. June 1998-July 2000
Programmed backend web applications in Perl, Javascript, and Cold Fusion. Wrote Perl scripts for UNIX server to ease daily maintenance tasks. Used SQL with scripting languages to write applications that communicated with Oracle and Postgres databases. Formatted documents in HTML. Provided over-the-phone technical support for clients.
Junior System Administrator
AnviCom, Inc. April 1999-November 1999
Assisted in managing a network composed of Solaris, NT, and Novell machines. Performed tape backups using Sun Solstice Backup software. Installed software and system updates to Solaris systems. Maintained website running on Netscape Enterprise. Assisted in setting up and maintaining NT webserver running IIS.
Technical Support
College of William & Mary March 1996-May 1998
Manned the help desk, resolved problems with desktop hardware and software. Helped students and professors with varying techical skills through sometimes complex tasks through verbal explanations.
Intranet Web Programmer
MicroWarehouse, inc. July 1997-January 1998
Designed Web pages and Perl scripts for MicroWarehouse's international intranet.
Web Designer
Naval Air Warfare Center June 1996-August 1996
Designed web pages for Universal Systems Inc. under contract to the Naval Air Warfare Center at Lakehurst, NJ. Designed several major site subsections. Edited and formatted additional web submissions.


The College of William & Mary
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, May 1998
Course Sampling:
C++, Data Structures, Finite Automata, Systems Programming, Operating Systems, Software Engineering

Recent Events/Conferences Attended

KaizenConf Continuous Improvement in Software Development Conference
Austin, TX, October, 2008
Content a mix between in-depth technical topics such as advanced NHibernate techniques, and process-focused topics such as Lean/Kanban
Houston Alt.Net Conference
Houston, TX, April, 2009
An attendee-organized conference that covered a number of developer-related topics, from source control techniques to how to create an environment of learning on a team.
Austin Code Camp
Austin, TX, May, 2009
A day of sessions on a variety of programming-related topics run by local developers, for those in the local community interested in learning.

Professional Affiliations:

San Antonio Tech Book Club
- Co-founder and lead of group, founded in the fall of 2008.
- member and previous speaker. A community of developers studying improvement in the practice of software development through considered use of the use of the most suitable methodologies, techniques, and tools. Focus is primarily (though not exclusively) on .NET technologies.
- current site blogger. This is a blogging site where members discuss development ideas, techniques, and practices, primarily using .NET.
DC Alt.Net
(former member) A community of developers advocating improvement in the practice of software development through considered use of the use of the most suitable methodologies, techniques, and tools. Focus is primarily (though not exclusively) on .NET technologies.