All about me...

There's a picture of me right
here.  Long brown hair.  Smile.  Black and white photo. You're not missing 
Here I am. The photo's a few years old, but I look exactly the same.
(Here's an ascii art version for those of you with Lynx)

Hello, I'm Anne (Pronounced as if it were Annie). I'm sure it would be nice to meet you if I were actually meeting you. That makes this rather one-sided, doesn't it? Well, that's alright... hopefully, we can get along fine anyhow.

I currently live in Austin, TX. There's a lot of tech here, and the winters are pretty good, too. Also, I am mentioning SendGrid here since they asked me to.

I work as a programer/analyst at Headspring. I program the active/interactive parts of web apps. Anyway, it's no surprise to anyone who knows me well that I ended up in technology... They're probably surprised I'm not an engineer (one of the kinds that gets to play with stuff, like a mechanical engineer). Probably about the time I learned to read, I was figuring how to put together my mother's new stationary bike. :-) Luckily, I also have a knack for how things work, so I usually left things in a better state than when I started with them. It turns out that I'm good at figuring out how to construct non-physical stuff too (like code), so I ended up in programming.