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Provider Model and design patterns-I need to learn!

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Colleague was telling me about it, says it’s good for mocking, etc.  Putting it here so I don’t forget!

We also talked about a problem I was having where I’m the only one who understands the domain of my project, and if I’m not sure how to architect something, I have nobody to discuss approaches.  She brought up design patterns, and how if if I can find a design pattern that is similar to my problem, I could use that as a starting point with someone who is unfamiliar with the domain, discuss ways in which the pattern does NOT fit, and go from there.  That way, I could still productively bounce ideas off people.  I’ve glanced at some patterns in the past, but other than the Strategy pattern (which actually got used in my project), I’m pretty fuzzy on them.  This is some new incentive to crack open the Heads Up book.  And hey, maybe even the GoF book, which I’ve heard is a must-read. (I get the idea it’s a bit better, but the Heads Up book is already in my possession and is an easy read)