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KaizenConf goals

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

So, I’ve got some rough goals for myself from Kaizenconf… (in no particular order)

  • I’m going to make really learning the MVC framework a higher priority so our team here can have enough info to consider whether to move the team that way eventually… I mean, of course we will, but I’ve got to have enough ammo to ensure that happens 🙂  Anyway, eventually, do some sort of team presentation would follow, like for the IoC stuff below.
  • I’m going to read more of that DDD book that I’ve only gotten about 3 chapters through.  I know, it’s terrible I haven’t read more, but I’ve gotten through a bunch of the Ubiquitous Language stuff, which has already been helpful.  I have the feeling more useful content follows.
  • I’m going to be putting together some sort of presentation(s) for my team about IoC/DI with mocking, and maybe NHibernate to do my part to equalize team knowledge.   My team here isn’t against some of these “new” ideas/change, but they’re not neccessarily sold on them either, so I’m going to work on making sure I can really prove out why.  This is actually not a bad thing at all for me, making sure I can justify stuff instead of presenting things from a gee-whiz perspective will definitely make for a better sell. Yes, , I know there’s a lot of material out there, but I should probably do a lot of this legwork myself so I’m best prepared.  Talking for an hour doesn’t come naturally to me, so I’ll have to know things that much better.
  • My list of books to read has gotten larger (see this list for a start)
  • I’ve got Prism, MEF, and Mass Transit as message-oriented things to look into that could be useful on my current project since we’ve got a setup that suggests a SOA approach.
  • We’re very early into doing Scrum on our team here and I think we need the discipline it’s got, and really want to prove this out before going in a totally different direction, but I’m going to read up more on Lean/Kanban some more, (offhand, Scrum-Ban may prove helpful), and see if there are tweaks that can be borrowed from those ideas that would improve our current experience.

Future posts will hopefully outline my actually doing the stuff above.  Additionally, some specific thoughts on the conference itself to follow… at some point.


Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Attended an AlamoCoders meeting tonight.  Interesting talk on jQuery by John Teague. I’d previously seen Front-End Developers doing stuff with it, but I didn’t really “get” it-not that I’d looked into it, or tried… what with struggling to pick up nHibernate, DI, and that whole world of things, I felt like my plate was already pretty full.  This overview really helped though.  Previously, I’d glanced at a bunch orf jQuery code and just thought “uh, that’s not js…. not sure what this is. must look at-eventually”  turns out, the key things with jQuery are 1) philisophically jQuery is set up to work on elements much like CSS does.  it finds, groups, filters, etc upon the same IDs and element types that CSS does.  It looks a bit different, but much of jQuery stuff is really just finding elements, picking out selectors, etc.  2) jQuery is sort of like working at the UNIX command line-it’s all about feeding the results of one thing to the other… jQuery code is chains of long commands that find, filter, and then do something (like assign a function to a click action)  this code is short, and once you get the hang of it, easy to read.  As a side benefit, it even keeps code out of the HTML.. not even any “onClick” commands.  Nice.  doing *that* without a library is not fun at all.

As an aside, I won a copy of “LINQ Unleashed”.  I confess the actual naming of the “Unleashed” titles amuses me.  It seems one step short of a wacky reality show title… imagine, “When SQL Attacks” or “Mocks Gone Wild” ..I mean really… eh… no looking a gift book in the mouth, I guess.

Tried for a spot at KaizenConf (Kaizen, as in a Japanese word for Continuous Improvement, it seems)… it sounds like a great learning experience, and it’s practically down the street in Texas-terms.  Sounds like it’s not a direct registration process, but some sort of judgment-on-mystery-criteria-then-invite.  That’s a bit discomfiting, but hopefully it’ll work out.