I am currently a somewhat intermediate-level developer, primarily doing .Net. My definition of intermediate is perhaps not what most would consider intermediate: I have been in the web business for a good 10 years or so cutting my teeth on Perl and server-side javascript, a bit of ancient pre-5 ColdFusion, and some Solaris administration, among other things. I’ve done quite a bit of SQL Server work, classic ASP, Java, and several years of .Net.

However, I consider myself a neophyte in that I’m only now really understanding better ways to do development. I’ve always striven to write clean code, but felt the typical pain points at times. With my experience, I think I’ve felt about every pain point there is, from poor language choice to poor requirements, team issues, to poor design choices and project monetary concerns. Relatively recently, I’ve really embraced the idea that it doesn’t have to be this way. This is my attempt to make those improvements my own, and so become a better developer.

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