NHibernate 1.2

I noticed yesterday there was a version of NHibernate out that does some things I’ve really been wanting: Version 1.2. Now, I’m on Things I’m really excited about: the ability to use strongly typed collections. I’d looked into Ayende’s solution in his NHibernate.Collections, but frankly after checking it out, it gave me a bad vibe, so I never pushed for its use. But now, it’s built-in, and doesn’t require any sketchy stuff. Admittedly, the requirement that methods for NHibernate be virtual seems a little weird to me (I’d really prefer if the ORM didn’t affect the code in my model even that much), but that I can accept. OK, I confess, I was a little uneven about setting the virtual thing on my current code, because I didn’t see the point. But since the migration notes have a strongly-worded note about how 1.2 will complain if virtual is not there, I guess I’d better convince myself about virtual’s use, and get consistent on it!


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