Mini programming exercises

For the past few days, I’ve been practicing writing up small programs. By that I mean small, self-contained programs made up of a few classes, maybe in a single file, with a main method so it can be run as a console app, things that can be whipped up quickly. As I’ve pretty exclusively been working on adding to and modifying a single huge app over the past year and a half, this is pretty different. For one thing, it’s been interesting figuring out the minimum amount is to get a working program, accompanied by unit tests. No Asp.Net, no “Page”, no “Monorail”, no “Enterprise Architecture”, just a bare little program that calculates or solves something. I know it may sound weird to command-line scripters, but this often isn’t done in the web world, particularly the Microsoft web world. Sure, I did this sort of thing in C++ back in school, but I haven’t done it in C# and as I’ve been focused on web, I really did everything from a browser UI perspective, with all the overhead that requires . I’m out of practice, and it’s a bit embarrassing. For the first one, I literally sat there for a bit thinking “how does one go about doing this?” sigh… well, at least this is one lack in my tools at hand I’ll have fixed.

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