My first 5k

OK, this post isn’t actually technical, but learning comes in a lot of forms, right?

This weekend, I ran my first 5k, and got a chip time of 34:35.  Yes, that is slow, but I did actually run the whole way, which was my main goal.  Particularly interesting was the discipline required to run at a slow sustainable pace when packs of people were sweeping by.   Of course those people have probably been running for longer than a month and a half, but that only goes so far in fighting the feeling that you’re supposed to be keeping up with these people.  Sure, maybe I would have been able to do one 10 minute mile, but I would have been half-dead by mile 2.  And yes, I know it’s not a marathon, but training for this has been the first time I was running neither because a class required it, nor because someone was chasing me, so it’s been educational in its own way.

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