Pain encourages change? Not sure I buy it.

A frequently repeated theme on the Alt.Net list is that certain ideas, like IoC, are not understood until you feel significant pain, and you’ll be motivated to try something new.  From Derik Whittaker’s post today, “[…] do this not because he is told or shown, but because he is in so much pain because of NOT using them that the only other option IS to uses these techniques.”  Frankly, I’m not convinced that this revelation will ever happen for many developers.  In my experience, if certain kinds of pain is seen as integral to the development process (whether really it is or not) there will be no searching for alternatives.  Instead, that developer will ask for more time/resources, or just say those problems are part of development, etc, and yes, sorry, but this task IS going to take 10x longer than planned.  The solution to make it much better could be handed to the developer, but if it conflicts with previously-held ideas, it’s seen as a threat and rejected.  It’s kind of an eyes-open vs. eyes-closed attitude, and there are a whole lot of people with their eyes closed.  The majority?  Sadly, I’m pretty sure that’s the case.

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