Maybe a PythonShop #2 is in the works…?

Looks like IronPython is not only steps away from their 2.0 version, but is python compliant enough that Django runs. Plus, you get to use .Net stuff like Silverlight, which apparently provides some nice UI functionality. This could be interesting… As for the article title, well sure, I understand the sentiment, but the truth is, Microsoft actually played nice while developing the .Net CLR. So guys, only hate when hating is warranted, alright? Anyway, full article here:

Django Now Plays the Dark Side

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  1. Brian Luft says:

    Yes, as I mentioned toward the end of the article, the title is a little harsh. Hey, just trying to get some clicks! 😉

    I’ve been mostly impressed at MS efforts to open up a little more and embrace standards. The recent user agent/compatibility mode header snafu for IE8 initially pushed me back to the skeptical side but I was glad to see they listened to the community and reversed their decision.

    From what I understand there is a bit of a dichotomy within the company between the newer generation who understand the moral value of community and standards and the older die-hards who are desperately clinging to the old way of doing business. Whether its driven by declining profit margins, a desire to be a better citizen, or some combination of both, I am cautiously optimistic for the direction they are taking.

    Thanks for linking to my article!


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